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A little attention to detail, guys? August 12, 2011

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Come on, interpolspecialagent, couldn’t you at least spoof your email address? Do you seriously expect to fool anybody with this contact information:

ADDRESS: Marsham Street 2. SW1P 4DF. London. United Kingdom
Email: interpolspecialagent@yahoo.cn

When you went to the effort of coming up with a reasonably sounding UK address, why spoil it with a “yahoo.cn” email address?

I’ll admit that pretending to be investigating a Nigerian scam, and to warn against communicating with anybody else to avoid being scammed, is somewhat inventive:

Last year, a meeting was held with the General Director of the Interpol and some other top officials in the United Kingdom concerning the online internet scam from Nigeria and so many other countries, in the conclusion of the meeting, I was ordered by the Interpol to fly down to Malaysia for special investigation concerning the delay of your payment, because in our record file, Malaysia was the country where your funds payment was channel to for a very long time.

You need to understand that my coming down to Malaysia is because of your funds transfer, and I have to accomplish the transfer before returning back to the United Kingdom, all the legal documentation for your funds are with me here in Malaysia, what i just need from you now is your corporation, you have to seize communication with any other person different from me to avoid been mislead.

Don’t allow anyone to deceive you, your funds is $10,000,000.00 (Ten Million United States Dollars Only) it was written inside the recording files of your funds.

Upon the receipt of this information, I will email you or call you and give you code on how to communicate with me and I will always keep you updated concerning the progress of the funds transfer, once again you are advised to seize all communication with any other office or person to avoid been mislead, and whenever you receive any message from anybody talking about your funds, kindly forward it to me so that i can make a proper investigation on it.

But then you go and spoil it again by signing off with this:

Yours Faithfully
Interpol Scott Everson
Special Investigation Agent, United Kingdom

“Interpol Scott Everson” – what a disappointing finish to an otherwise fairly entertaining effort.

Cultural differences May 4, 2009

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Breaking radio silence after a bit of a hiatus in the postings. Caused by a move from North Carolina to California, and a new job.

In that connection I have been reading the study guide for drivers to prepare for the written test I have to pass to get a California driver license, and one item in particular struck me: in California it is actually legal to park in the bike lane!

Quite apart from this sort of defeating the entire purpose of having a bike lane, it served to remind me of the significant cultural differences that still exist between the US and Denmark – especially since I had just read this.

The gap in bicycle culture (not to mention the question of imbibing alcoholic beverages in public places) looks more like a Mariana trench. And this is California, for crying out loud…

Touching faith in machine translation July 2, 2008

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Words fail me.
Both at the fact that the machine translation error message itself seems to be machine translated, and at the fact that there is apparently zero involvement from a sentient being before a giant message like that is posted.

Can you spell “b-u-b-b-l-e”? October 24, 2007

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When I saw the headline saying Microsoft had paid 240 million USD for a stake in Facebook, I actually thought they had made a good deal. That was until I clicked through to the story and saw that this was for a 1.6 percent stake.