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Do Canadians have bigger pockets? April 14, 2011

Posted by globalizer in Unicode.

Or does David Pogue just wear suits with particularly narrow pockets? He seems to think that the PlayBook is about half an inch too wide to fit into the breast pocket of a jacket – and that

Whoever muffed that design spec should be barred from the launch party.

It’s interesting that he focused on that particular point, since a colleague of mine told me that this was exactly what sold a Canadian customer on the PlayBook beta he was comparing to Xooms and iPads a couple of days ago: it just fit into his pocket.

I can’t say I am familiar with the finer points of men’s wear, so I am left to wonder if there is a worldwide standard for the size of suit pockets? Or are there regional differences?

Calling Tex Texin, we need some research into the matter of pocket sizes!



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