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When having a web site is worse than not having one October 10, 2009

Posted by globalizer in QA, web applications.

In this day and age it is really a requirement for practically any serious business of just middling size to have a web presence. Not just for visibility and marketing purposes, but to save money. If users are able to complete most of their interaction with a company via self service online you not only get happier customers but you also save a boatload of money on customer service.

However, this of course assumes that you have the wits to implement a customer web experience that doesn’t look as if it were implemented by middle school students (and I apologize in advance to the many middle school students who wouldn’t dream of making rookie mistakes like these):

  • Implement a web form that only works with IE
  • Don’t provide any clues whatsoever to users of oh, let’s say Firefox, that you don’t support their browser. No message, no visual indication that there is an error, nada
  • Don’t ask the user to re-enter the chosen password for confirmation – but of course have 2 of the “security questions” that infect US-based web sites like the plague
  • Don’t provide any option for the user to change the mailing address online, thus requiring a call to customer service any way

That’s just the first 4 obvious and insanely annoying things about the Chase HSA online service that I signed up for because I wanted to change my mailing address. Which it turns out I can’t do online…


1. Ron - December 30, 2009

What about:
1. Use a robot answering in your live chat.
2. Send newsletters without permission. And worst – with no “unsubscribe” option.
3. Submit a paper letter of “We accepted your request to send you bank reports via e-mail only” 🙂

globalizer - December 30, 2009

Indeed 🙂

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