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Now I know what I’ve been working on these past months! September 12, 2009

Posted by globalizer in Android.

Phew! Finally no need to stick my head in my bag when I answer my phone in public; no need to be insanely vague about exactly what I work with when talking to people outside of Motorola. Now I can just say CLIQ – or DEXT – or MOTOBLUR.

That name in itself is one of the few surprises in the announcement. We have been using the code name internally, and had never heard the official name until a few days ago. So now I suddenly know what I have been working on…

It seems there’s a reason I’m not in marketing, though – I would have thought the concept of a  “clique” would have primarily negative connotations (and yes, I get the word play on both “clique” and “click”), but I guess not.


1. Kasper Gaardhøje - October 6, 2009

Hi Elisabeth. I was wondering If you know, if the DEXT/CLIQ handset will be available to the danish public. And when it will be introduced to the marked. I am very interested in getting hold of one. Best regards

globalizer - October 6, 2009

Hi Kasper,
I don’t know of any plans to market them in Denmark, but I am also not privy to marketing information, so that does not necessarily tell you much. Orange UK just made the DEXT available in the UK, that’s the closest I can get right now!
I would love to see them on the market in Denmark also.

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