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The myth exploded – again November 25, 2008

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Renato Beninatto from Common Sense Advisory posts about the consensus expressed by Localization World attendees from ten Latin American countries:

Spanish is one language. While there are a few terminology areas with words that vary a lot from country to country — like culinary and apparel terms — native speakers agree that by now everybody is used to the Microsoft Spanish standard for software user interfaces. In the vast majority of cases, two or more versions of Spanish are not required, except for marketing purposes.

This is one of the most persistent myths that lives on in the halls of software companies – that you absolutely have to produce at least two Spanish language versions of your software, one for Spain, and one for Latin America (and in the extreme version, this morphs into a need for separate versions for each Spanish-speaking country in Latin America).

I don’t know have many times I have had to swat away at this.

Update: I should add that there are real pitfalls you have to watch out for, if you produce only one Spanish language version worldwide. Certain Spanish terms have such connotations in various Latin American countries that you do not want them to appear in your software, so you have to create “stop lists” with those terms. This does add a small wrinkle to the work of Spanish translators.



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