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The importance of the CLDR July 4, 2007

Posted by globalizer in Unicode.

Just a quick pointer to Naoto Sato’s blog post with his locale demo. I attended the session at the Internationalization and Unicode Conference where he used the demo, and just found the webstartable version that he posted.

The Locale Sensitive Services SPI which allows you to plug in CLDR locale data via the CLDR adapter is a really nifty update to the internationalization features in JDK 6 (where the data for the new locales supported directly via the JDK also comes from the CLDR, by the way).

ICU4J would still be my preferred method of pulling in the CLDR data (especially since you can use ICU4J with previous versions of the JDK), but if you are on JDK 6 this is a handy alternative (if you are only after the additional locale support – ICU of course provides a number of other enhancements).

This is just one more example of the widespread use of CLDR data across organizations and projects. And another reason to worry about “suspect” locale data being added to the CLDR by contributing organizations.


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