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Hoist by a US date format petard? February 27, 2007

Posted by globalizer in Locales.

For somebody who has to do daily battle with ambiguous date formats (which date does 03/05/2007 refer to – March 5, 2007 or May 3, 2007?), and with the occasional assumption by developers that a hardcoded US date format should be good enough for everybody, this is just too good to pass up:

In a letter to the NY Times the press secretary to the Iranian UN mission points out that the evidence in the famous PowerPoint slides presented by anonymous military briefers in Baghdad uses the US date format (month-day-year) instead of the almost universally used day-month-year format. And sure nuff, I found this image on page 15 of the presentation posted on the Talking Points Memo Document collection:

Iran evidence?

It sure does look suspicious that a weapon supposedly produced in Iran would have a date like 5-31-2006 on it…

Update: I see now that the date issue is old (in blog time) and was identified almost immediately on several sites – I guess I am just not keeping up with the blogs as I should!



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